The Hook strategy is used in lead generation and sales when nobody knows you or your services are not mated for a niche.

Your prospects have trust issues with your service, not believing they can be effective.

Usually, people invest thousands of $ to get the clients they want. This means basically that they get to ROI or they do not get it ( and they lose money), and the likelihood to lose them it’s 0.50 and 0.50.

Meanwhile, if it is in demand, you’re not likely to lose money with a hook. Most people don’t get it but if you start o sell a service in high order for a small price everybody will buy it!. I mean, you might not get rich, but you will cover the expenses because it’s an in-demand service!

This can be an ideal beginning to get profit and contacts for your network to build your business.

An in-demand service means more people are asking than people that can deliver the service, so you need basically to say “ Hi, I’m here,” and unless you’re not a disaster into sales, people will buy it!

To give you an example: People are looking to sell 2000$/m of ads management after they took their course of social ads. They don’t realize it might take one to two months to close a client like that, and if you want a professional to work on the lead generation, you’ll pay from 300 to 1200$/ month, which thing will make your profit close to zero ( since you have to consider taxes, and your hourly cost to manage ads).

Meanwhile, those who do only facebook pixel fixing and retargeting, fixing only one or two pixels a day, can make 70$/d which is $2100 a month. They’re much more likely to do them because fewer people want to do Facebook pixel fixing.

I took as clients these guys that didn’t have an Upwork profile. They had not any experience with lead generation. Even the structure of their service was terrible, so I did a thing only.

I have completely forgotten about their services and started selling exclusively Ga + GTM + Facebook Pixel fixing. I mean the most annoying, not funny solutions that can jump into the mind of someone.

They did, the first month 1000$, the second month 2000$, then they were able to take jobs outsourced by other agencies on Upwork. Within 3 to 4 months from the beginning, the work only from these agencies was 3000/4000$ a month + the constant revenue from Upwork.

Every 10 “shitty & fixing jobs,” they had a client that says, “Hey listen, you’ve fixed well my Facebook Pixel, why don’t you handle my campaigns?”.

So they had a margin ( over the time spent setting up funnels) instead of a loss, as many marketing agencies have to generate clients only for the excellent services.

A famous motto in the sales world says, “ Are we hunting gazelles or mice?” it is used to ask which target you are looking after for your sales.

I prefer to convert it into: when you’re a beginner, you’re looking only for profit and traction to know your business will survive.